Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day.

Stopping in for just a quick post as I have many sessions to edit and big two year old birthday party to finish planning.

A summary of this weekend: Oh my, it was just grand.

Starting with a mini shoot with my own little one with the most adorable tie shirt from our newest sponsor, This Pretty. More of this amazing online boutique to come.

But tell me, have you ever seen anything cuter than Little Man sporting this shirt with his sport coat?

Melt. My. Heart.

Yes, love was in the air this weekend.... and Jacob's Valentine's Day cards were a hit with all of his friends and family.

We started our weekend with a visit to the ever famous Fitz's where we toasted root beer mugs and the little one (after refusing to even taste it) sipped on his milk.

And while a good romantic dinner with just the two of us is always quite nice (as we so enjoyed one on Monday evening... heading back to Maggiano's - the restaurant we went to after the night we got engaged)... there is something extra sweet about dinner out as a family. No, it's not always the most relaxing forty-five minutes, but with some crayons and a few toys, we can even manage to squeeze in some adult conversation.

And who wouldn't want to dine with this kid?

Back home, we set the stage for our very own day of love. We were busy ones... my little one and me.... cutting and gluing and finding the most perfect paper to create our banner.

The artwork on the fireplace? Exactly that. Jacob's artwork. That is now taped to every open place on our walls. Little man might be a heck-of-an-athlete, but he sure does like his arts and crafts time with his momma.

And I'd be lying if the little one was the only one that enjoyed a few surprises. My Philip is never one to forget a holiday.

Our other celebrations? A big Valentine's day playgroup party. Complete with red heart balloons for all the little ones.

And perfectly pink heart-shaped cookies.

And the only other picture I took the whole party because we got all wrapped up in the fun? This not-so-perfect image of Jacob attacking an Elmo balloon and another momma cuddling her little one that just wiped out on the floor. Oh, the fun we have.

Yes, it was a grand weekend. A weekend full of sunshine and park play dates (without the layers of winter hats and coats) and a whole lot of love.

Because really, what else in the world could you possibly need besides all this love?

Happy Valentine's Day to you.

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