Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby Turns Two.

It was the most perfect day on this nineteenth day of february.

A date that only two years ago, after nineteen hours, we welcomed into the world the most gorgeous child in the world. And I suppose that is the way that most parent's stories start.

As they should.

Because little did we know just how lucky we were to welcome this little one into our lives.

I've always known life to be grand... to be filled with crazy special moments... but I never knew just how spectacular life was going to be with a child.

And on this second birthday celebration, Jacob received his very first pair of soccer shoes from his dad.

The perfect gift for his big day.

His second birthday bash.

The stage had been set for quite a few weeks... the little details, the big theme.

Dream Big. As all children should. And as parents, isn't our role really to allow these children to dream as big as they want and to inspire them to do whatever in the world they want to do?

Thanks to my momma for decorating all the water bottles.... actually, thanks to my momma for helping me for the entire week leading up to the big day... for making me create a list on paper of what still needed to be done (instead of the list that was continually getting longer in my head) and for making sure everything was even more perfect that I had imagined. People wonder where I get it from.... yep, my own momma.

And if there was one thing I was certain about, on this day the little ones were going to be well fed. And we're not talking whole grains and protein.

For the big day, we let the children eat until their very last sweet tooth is satisfied.

(and thanks to my sister for the unbelievably delicious puppy chow)

It was, as every birthday should be, quite the feast.

My crew. That successfully managed to help me set up the room in rock star time.

And probably my favorite shot of the whole day.... when the little one was ready to blow out his candles, just as he had done so at breakfast and lunch that day. And he did so effortlessly.

And as his momma, I can only pray that all his wishes come true.

Yes, it was a grand celebration. With close friends and our amazing family.

...with balloons and everything sweet.

My own birthday dude had one special day. (And for Jacob's adorable personalized birthday dude shirt, check out the Luna B. Tee's at Crossin My Heart Creations.)

Two years ago, our lives were forever changed. Life was no longer defined by just a "me" and a "you", but by a family. And not only did we learn to appreciate the quiet moments of first smiles, first steps, and first words, but we learn to embrace the crazy busy moments of raising baby number one.

I will forever remember this day (along with that day two years ago) as being one of my most favorite.

And that's really all that needs to be said.


keiworld said...

Nice to meet you.

This blog was seen for the first time.

A lot of smiles are very wonderful.

I became very wonderful feelings.

Thank you. !!!

Snowmanlover said...

So precious and the music makes it just right. It has been fun watching your little cutie grow up over the last six months since I found your blog. You put on a great party!!

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