Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Inspirations.

I was asked by a client the other day where I get my inspiration for my stories, for this little blog, how I write and create something that others enjoy reading. And while sometimes I play this little game I described here, my inspiration usually comes from the little bits and pieces of each part of my day.

... from the father-son bonding that occurs while the two successfully attempt to put Jacob's toddler bed together.

... from watching the intense determination my little one has to do everything just like his daddy.

....and wondering whether or not the little one will actually keep his bottom in his new bed now that all of the baby furniture has been sold and there's no turning back. (And oh yes, little man has slept in his big boy bed for five nights in a row now).

... it comes from fantastic rock n'roll birthday parties.

...with one of the most amazing kid performances I've ever witnessed.

...from watching my little one in a room full of four and five years olds be brave enough to sit by himself and enjoy the show.

....until he has an overwhelming sadness come over him that momma and dadda might have left.... and a mini snuggle session is needed to reassure him that we're still right there.

... it comes from the little ones. From their ability to just soak up every darn good thing that comes their way and just love it.... really love it. Because really, if we all just tried to act a little more like them, to observe, listen, learn and love it all, the world would be a happier place.

...from the bubbles.. oh, those bubbles. I'm telling you, I've got it all figured out. It's impossible to be upset or angry or fighting when there is bubbles around. So the next time you find yourself in a sticky situation, pull out a bottle and shed some bubble love. We'll see who continues fight when this is going on...

... it comes from Jacob's best friend Elmo... who he talks about and sings about every single day and then....

...when his best friend is live and in front of him totally melts down and wants nothing to do with him.

And because we really wanted to get our $12 worth of fun, momma had to step in a pose with Jacob's furry friend.

...most often, it comes from this child. This little one that sings and dances and jumps around the house.

... and of course, this little family. This blog started as a way to document all the little things that happened as Jacob grew....and today, well today it has become a way to express myself... to tell our story and to remind myself to appreciate all the little things in life. So often, people just race through the days, to and from work, dinner time, bed time, my time..... but if there is one thing I know, it's to soak up all the good, less significant moments. And maybe it doesn't have to be for an entire day, or even an hour.. maybe it's just for a moment. A moment where you forget about everything else - the laundry, work, cooking, cleaning, emails, and phones - and say, the heck with it, it's just you and me, baby.

....these little moments will go by way too fast if we let them.

My inspiration? My life... the good, the bad, and the everything in between.

...sometimes it's about learning the difference between birthday candles and hanukah candles (which we do not blow out, little one).

...sometimes it's about celebrating all the holiday splendor.

....and sometimes it's about being wonderfully surprised by my husband with Brad Paisley tickets in Nashville.

.... it's about life and enjoying our life.

Happy Weekend to you!



Oh he is just the cutest little boy!!!!!
Happy Chanukah!

Stephanie said...

Awww, thanks!! Happy Holidays to you!!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

What a wonderful, sweet post! <3

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