Friday, December 3, 2010

A quick hello....

... because I'm being called to a snuggle session on the couch with a recorded episode of Parenthood waiting for us while the little one is fast asleep.

Big changes going on in this household.

Number 1. The creation of my new assistant. He's learning quite quickly and takes some amazing shots.

... figuring out ways to utilize our natural lighting.

.... posing the newborns and attempting to get that perfect look.

...and spending time capturing moments with favorite friends. Yes, he's a natural.

Number 2. Daddy loving. I'm not quite sure what happened over the past two days, but somehow momma has been pushed aside.

Number 3. And maybe that's just because Jacob has big boy things to tend to with his daddy... like going potty in his potty every day this week.

Enter Number 4. Hello, big boy underwear.

... and hello, quite possibly the cutest part of my day today.

From here, I'd like to tell you that we had a successful few hours of dry undies.

But no, we aren't perfect. And five minutes after wearing our brand new big boy underwear, we took a giant big poop in them. Live and learn. And then don't spend money on cute baby gap undies for your child's first experience wearing them.

And finally, the beginnings of our holiday celebrations. This year, we let little man unpack the goodies and get to work.

He quickly identified the candles that he continues to confuse with birthday candles that he must blow out.

and he had great fun unpacking all the lovely little ornaments...

until he mistook those for soccer balls and kicked them across the floor. Byebye, ornaments.

It's a good time of year. A time to discover some new indoor activities to keep little ones from getting restless, to get messy with some holiday baking (oh yes, momma's gonna bake), and to enjoy every possible moment with a little one that is growing up oh, so quickly.

happy hanukah to you.

A snuggle session awaits on this perfectly lazy friday evening...

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