Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Whole Batch of Celebrations...

I have this little problem falling asleep. I think it is because most days, this is my first time I have actually sat still and had time to think and do absolutely nothing and my mind just races and dreams up new ideas... and last night, I had scripted this entirely perfect batch of words in my head and knowing that they wouldn't last long, I had planned on popping out of bed before anyone else had stirred, tiptoeing downstairs to my computer and compiling this beautiful story about holiday magic...

And then real life interrupted my dream world, Philip placed a very awake Jacob in bed with me at seven o'clock this morning, kissed me good-bye, and no such moments ever occurred. And in between the laps and laps running around the house scoring home runs, creating jolly cookie jars, and grocery runs.... it was all soon forgotten.

But the memories... the photographs.... they will always be there.

A late Hanukah celebration at my parent's house.... a celebration in which we thought the two grandchildren would receive a few presents and instead, they continued to receive present after present until there was no space left on the floor. Really, Susan? my dad had jokingly asked as they continued to make their way in front of the boys.

Oh, yes. Really. They're only little once.

A playgroup Hanukah celebration was a very special treat. I'm continually astounded at the way these little ones interact with each other. And by interact with each other in this setting, I mean by the way they sit and eat everything off each other's plates... You'd think I was starving Jacob if you saw the way he finished what was first given to him, grabbed his empty plate, and attacked the first momma that came near him saying "more."

But who am I kidding? It's because playgroup celebrations equate to unlimited goodies... and Jacob loves his goodies.

I'm not kidding... he really enjoys sweet things. And it got me thinking that maybe I should allow him a few more sweet things at home. Because I don't want to have the kid that is totally deprived from sweets at home and so he steals bags of ho ho's from his friend's house and devours them in his bed at night.

Eh, the heck with it, there could be worse things in life... I'll still take that kid.

And then? Then we placed ten presents in the middle of the room and told the littles to go at it and choose one.

And my little one was one of the only ones that didn't really dive in. And I wondered what was going on in that little head of his.... whether it was too much commotion or if he was just being polite and waiting his turn... and eventually another momma had to just hand him one. And the most fantastic part of his goods? The bow, of course.

It's a great batch of mommas, this little playgroup. And if we had a holiday card, I think this is the best moment we could give...

And finally, the beginnings of our Christmas celebrations....

Silver and sparkly was the theme this year.... thanks to some gorgeous ornaments (and a personalized stocking for Jacob) I ordered last minute from my friends at pottery barn.

I used to think it was this tricky thing... combining the religions and traditions of Philip and me.

I struggled with the idea of having a Christmas tree in our house and a stocking for Jacob.... and without getting too deep into the true religious differences, I came to this conclusion....

Bottom line, we agree on one very powerful thing: We both want to raise honest children with good morals... we believe in family and something above and we both hold tight to the notion that everything happens for a reason.

And while other things may surface over the next years, while we may struggle answering some tough questions, it seems okay to just be comfortable with the celebrations of both of our families and both of our traditions.

And with that all being said, Welcome Back, my very first ornament that Philip gave to me when we were first dating during the holidays. And while I thought it was kind of an odd gift to give the Jewish girl, I know now that Philip was just thinking that one day, this ornament would be hanging on our Christmas tree, celebrating our holidays together.

And when the tree was all decorated, a sweet treat with our most precious little boy followed.

Hello, hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies.

Mmmm, was all he kept saying.

It's funny to me the things these little ones do... like dipping gingberbread cookies into their hot chocolate.. of course, a tasty combination, but where in the world did he learn to do that?

Yes, it's a good time of year.

A time to stay in pj's until noon because it is so darn cold outside.

A time to sip up the sweet things.

A time for family and for traditions.

Happy Holidays to you.

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