Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Life right now.

Oh, happy days. A trip down memory lane....

I remember back when I was a wee little one, we would create those poster board "About Me" projects to share in our classes and there was a question on this board that stated, "When I grow up, I want to be...." And sure, I went through phases of wanting to be a pediatrician and a famous journalist, but regardless of what else I might be thinking, I always included "a mom." I just knew. I knew that above everything else I would do in my life, a mom is what I was supposed to be. Don't get me wrong, I have the best job in the world doing this and meeting the sweetest, most amazing families and new little peanuts, but a momma I will forever be.

And taking on this role means I get to really be a whole lot of other things too....

For example, I'm also a cleaner and am so proud of my little assistant with his very own vacuum just like momma.

Thank you, Lindsay & Jonny, for one of his most favorite presents.

I'm a doctor. Well, not by the true medical standards. But I know how to diagnose a sick little baby and when to allow a binky in the mouth even if it's not quite sleepy time.

... with an extra dose of blankies.

[And side note... love this thank you note from our friends up in Wisconsin... We are so glad that the little ones are enjoying their gifts!!!]

I'm a cook... actually, I can't lie. I'm learning to be a cook. I'm a baker and Welcome Winter Project #361: Create your own Jolly Cookie Jars to give as gifts.

And because the little one's mouth was just watering at the sight of an entire bowl of brown sugar, little man was given some brown sugar with a touch of oatmeal to keep calm.

And just so I don't scare those of you, sweet friends, that are receiving this tasty treat... Jacob was not quite as hands-on with the actual end product. Instead, he did just what his momma did and spooned flour from one bowl to the next. You see, I'm also a teacher... day in and day out, always teaching my little one.

The mess? Oh, you can't quite possibly care about the mess on projects like this.

And then, in true twenty-two month fashion, "Eat?" he asked. Ok, little one, if you would like.

A little pasty? Live and learn. It's the only way to be.

I'm a photographer, of course.... because how could I not want to forever remember moments as good as this?

Ta-daaaaaaa!! A perfectly sweet (and easy to make) holiday gift. And no, I didn't craft this idea on my own; I'll thank my friends at Williams-Sonoma for that.

Yes, so many roles to take on every day. I found my own path to being a journalist, I suppose. I can't think of a better way to document all of our little moments than in this little story. And the best part of our story?

It's just the beginning, my friends.

I'm a momma. And there's nothing else I'd rather be doing with my life right now.


Christy said...

I teared up when I read this. (and at the same time Imagine started playing.) Because I have had many moments where I catch myself just staring at my kids. I can't believe time keeps flying, and I love being mom. I love everything about it. And I want to just freeze time, because it's going to go fast.

Have a Blessed Holiday =)
The Gardner Bunch.

Stephanie said...

It is amazing how quickly the time passes... I love that there are so many of us out there that just love being a mom :) Have a wonderful holiday.

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