Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yaya and Pops

We celebrated Uncle Scott's birthday last night at Uncle Steve's house. We thought that since Jacob did not go to sleep until 10:00, he may sleep in a bit for us this morning. Nope. We were wrong. Up at 6:00. We put him in our bed (think what you want!) to see if he would go back to sleep and, while he didn't do that, he was quite calm laying there awake. I actually thought it was quite comical to think about what he must be thinking as he lay there. "If I'm really good and don't make a noise, maybe they will let me stay here every night." Or, "Maybe if I keep giving Mommy kisses on the mouth, she will get up and go get me a bottle." Oh, the mind of a one year old.... Regardless, we were up and going by 6:30 this morning. At bath time this evening, he figured out he could drink the bath water. I don't know why this was so funny to him, but he kept doing it even when we told him to stop. Hopefully, a little Mustela shampoo won't harm the little guy. Off for some Sunday night TV...

A shot with Yaya and Pops last night:

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