Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Toilet Game

I love playing games with Jacob - peek-a-boo games, sports games, music games, singing games... all games. I do not like the toilet game. The toilet game is played like this: Jacob grabs one of his toys and heads to the bathroom. Jacob is told, "Let's play over here, Jacob" [correct redirection by Mom]. Jacob proceeds to enter bathroom and lift up toilet lid. Mom now must head to bathroom and ask Jacob to please put lid down. Jacob smiles and holds toy over toliet. Mom (who believes her child will listen to her) asks Jacob to please bring toy into other room. Jacob smiles and throws toy into toilet. Mom does not stay anything. Jacob stares into toilet, enjoying the sight of his toy floating in the water.

While I'm sure this situation could be avoided by some child-proof toilet locks, I'm determined to convince Jacob that there are other fun games to play....

Mid-Toilet Game

An innoncent, "I would never do anything that my mommy tells me not to do," look.

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