Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Men in My Life.

On this Valentine's Day (Jacob's first Valentine's Day), I could not be more in love with the two men in my life...

When we first got pregnant, we were both convinced that we were having a girl. On a shopping trip with my mom, my mom actually bought the cutest little pink sweater from Janie and Jack (which we later returned). On our big twenty-week check-up, the conversation with our nurse conducting the ultrasound went something like this:

Nurse: Do you want to know want the sex is?
Me: Yes, definitely!
Nurse: Do you have any idea what the baby is?
Me: Oh, yes! It's a girl!
Nurse: Well... there's his male parts.

While I was slightly shocked at this moment, I could see Philip out of the corner of eye just beaming. The car ride home was when I heard the first "That's my boy!" Fast forward to earlier Jacob came toddling over to me, arms up and ready for a big hug and kiss, Phil said, "such a mommy's boy" and I know I would not have it any other way.

Loving my boys...

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