Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day Off with Mommy!

What a great day to take off... Jacob has still not been feeling that great so we have spent the day playing around the house. The doctor told me to run a hot bath and sit in the bathroom with Jacob to help clear up his nose... Clearly, the doctor doesn't realize how hard it is to make an eleven month old understand that we are not going to take a bath even though the water is running and the toys are floating around in the water. Jacob must be getting taller because he was standing by the bath tub, staring longingly at the water, and went to reach a toy. Before I could grab him, he had slid face first into the tub. Luckily, he thought this was very funny that both his clothes and him got wet. Not quite sure how productive that activity was for his nose.

Jacob's big day is in two days!

Look at those eyelashes!

Valentine's Day flowers from Philip that I am trying to teach Jacob how to "smell" and not "destroy"

Before our bathtub incident.

Philip and his fourteen year old puppy.

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