Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy (Halloween) Days.

It's Monday morning. 9:30 am and although we have been up for a good three-and-a-half hours, we are still in pj's, still a tad sleepy from this weekend's festivities. And oh, what a weekend we had.

To start with... Halloween rice krispie treats. That, oh yes, momma managed to mess up. The key here was the fact that these rice krispie treats were supposed to be a brilliant orange color. And they were... until momma decided to mix in the mini-chocolate chips before the marshmallows were cooled down. The result? Chocolate brown rice krispie treats. I'm only on year two of being momma.... still making mistakes.

Next up? A Halloween play date with Jacob's buddies.

Attempting to position eight little ones on hay bales - in costume - for that one perfect moment: impossible.

Moving to the stair location was a more realistic goal.

Achieving that perfect picture to forever remember baby's 2nd Halloween: Mission accomplished.

And then? Then we called over the grandparent's and ventured out on the town....

Meet Mrs. Cop and Her Jailbird.

And, no, we can not hang like we did when we were in our younger twenty years. But, we had the most fantastic time pretending like we could.

And this would be me and Mrs. Captain...

... And this would be us introducing ourselves to the firefighters.

... And this would be us posing outside... and that's when we decided to call it a night.

And finally, the big day arrived. Happy Halloween, Baby Monkey.

And same to you, Superman.

We weren't quite sure how baby's first night of trick-or-treating would go. Would they really understand the concept? Would they stay content in their costumes? Who were we kidding? They loved every single moment of it.

Flying monkeys, of course.

And posing ever so sweetly so their parents could capture a million-and-one pictures.

Side note: Check out momma's black eye. That would be compliments of my little one getting so excited about something he ran towards me and knocked me right under the eye. Can't be sure, but I think he was just getting me back for what happened here.

Then, out to the streets we headed. And I still can't believe how grown up my little one has become. Toting his little pumpkin bucket in his hand, he trekked up the sidewalks all by himself to knock on the doors.

And yes, Little man did score some candy on this night.

Love this monkey.

We poked fun at Philip all night who couldn't get over how much fun it was taking the boys around for Halloween, how "awesome" the little ones were. And while we laughed at how sentimental he continued to be throughout the evening, I secretly was thinking the same thing... how awesome it was to be parents to one amazing child.

... who always remembered to say "thanks" after taking his piece of candy.

Our one amazing child has gotten us through some pretty stinky days this past month. And while life didn't go quite like I had scripted it these past few weeks, we are thinking happy thoughts about our little life.

Because even if things aren't always perfect, I always know I can feel perfectly content with these two.

What do you call a little monsters parents?

mummy and deady :)

Happy Monday to you!!

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