Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Welcome, Spring?

I'd be lying if I told you I want to embrace all these endless days of wintry weather. In reality, we are done with it. We're ready to shove the winter coats in our closets, pack up the hats and mittens, and be done with sweaters and boots. I'm ready to run around in sundresses and flip-flops (although my lack of tending to a recent pedicure may speak differently), take the little one outdoors and play until the very last slimmer of sun is present, and have barbeques on our porch with friends and family. Unfortunately, March and St. Louis aren't quite there yet. So until we welcome spring officially, we're just sticking with what we do....

Like a very big boy two year old check-up.... where we upgraded from laying on the mat to being measured and sitting on the scale to be weighed.

Little man can do it himself now.

And since we can't go outdoors currently, we are awakening his inner artist. Welcome, momma's very own birthday present... a complete stage to pull out some big ol' creativity.

And if this means slapping some paint on his hands to finger paint, well my goodness, we allow that.

You'll notice one very grown up little one has become quite the left-handed kid.... painting, eating, batting, and throwing with his left hand. The only thing he has not mastered is kicking with his left foot as equally as he does with his right (which of course distrurbs his father more than me).

I don't know what it is about watching a kid paint, but it's quite magical.

The colors they choose, the designs they create... I'm just waiting on that perfect one to hang in a big frame in our house.

And finally, when the temperature tips above 50 degrees, you better believe we head outdoors.... flip-flops and all.

We create the images we long to see.... mainly sunshines and rainbows.

And Little Man just soaks it all in.... fighting me when I tell him our toes are getting cold and it's time to head in, begging for just "one more" minute.

And who I am to say no to that?

Yes, we are quite confident that spring is coming. The grass is starting to turn shades of green and blue skies and sunshine are soon to make a comeback.

Things are (so very) good.

Just how good? Well.... you'll have to just wait and see... but some little two-year-old is quite excited about it.

Happy Wednesday to you!

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