Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hello, September

It's hard to believe we are getting ready to say goodbye to summer... even harder to believe that it has been over a month since my last post... and crazy to think that in just four weeks we will be welcoming baby number two into our lives...

And while there is absolutely no way to catch up on everything we have been up to this past month, a few collages of my wonderous iphotos will have to do for now...

We've been loving playdates with new friends, Cardinals games, and documenting that growing belly...

... Outings to absolutely every place in St. Louis, including Grant's Farm, the Science Center, Magic House, and the arch... and heart-shaped glasses, of course.

... very special anniversary outings with my very incredible husband... who continues to surprise me every day with the amazing person he is.

... and mini family getaways. We debated whether to do a mini Mommy/Daddy trip to end off the summer or take the little one and, well.... he's a hard one to resist.

It was a weekend full of mini golf, ice cream treats, swimming and lots of sun.

Did I mention how much this little one loves ice cream? He swiped my mint chocolate chip before I could even get more than a few bites in.

And the fishing. He's absolutely hooked on this activity, with no hesitation upon grabbing those dirty worms and shoving them on his hook.

And then it's one hundred percent concentration.

(of course, he's always willing to give his momma a quick smile)

and then...

the celebration.

Yes, we are about to say goodbye to summer and hello to a new little member of our family.

And some little boy (some two-and-a-half year old boy!) is getting very excited to meet his little sister.

Another post is sure to follow soon :)

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