Friday, September 9, 2011

Before we formally welcome in fall...

and a new school year and baby rooms and yummy new knits and hats and pumkpin spice (half-caf) lattes and afternoon starbucks snack breaks....

...I find it necessary to catch up on more of our summer fun.

Beginning with a visit from our good friends from Milwaukee. It's become the tradition (we are in year two) to alternate house visits for a way-too-short-weekend of playdates, catching up, and allowing the dads to revisit their college days (where they first met) and drink some beer.

I mean... what can be better than having a beer with your ol' college buddy.

If you ask me, it would be watching your little ones play together as if they have been best buds for as long as their dads.

And while I forsee an adults-only vacation with this amazingly sweet couple in the next several years, I wouldn't trade these moments of bringing our families together for anything.

June marked the start of soccer for the little one and he got right down to business with the sport...

There is just one rule that Philip has given to me before soccer mornings:

I am not allowed to dress Jacob... Philip says this is the one day (or morning) that he can put him in whatever attire he desires.... Exhibit A: Jacob's new El Salvador soccer outfit.

And while Dad stayed by his side for this session, this fall will mark the start of a new soccer session where the mommas and dads are off the field. And while I promise myself that I'll try not to run on the field too many times for some pictures, how could I possibly miss catching moments like this where Jacob follows the directions given to him by his "coach."

Just imagine how fast he will really run when he's not turning around to flash his momma these smiles...

This two-and-a-half year old is growing up quickly... He knows his ABC's, how to identify every letter of the alphabet, recognize every color and shape (including hexagons), count to fifteen, have complete conversations with you, cuddle his momma and his baby sister growing in my belly, and, oh yes, swing from ropes.

And yes, that's a momma bragging about her child... because he truly is that incredible of a child.

Not only is he the happiest kid I have ever met, he has the sweetest heart in the whole wide world.

Do we have our moments? Oh yes. We visit time-out every so often and have to sometimes be reminded to be a good listener and yes, some little one did crawl in our bed two nights ago at four o'clock because he "wanted to cuddle with momma"....

But for what some may deem the "terrible twos", I'd have to say there's nothing terrible about this time in our life...

The couch is awaiting... as well as a good foot rub from my Philip... I mean, I am almost thirty-seven weeks pregnant :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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