Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello, Again.

I've been scolded for not updating this little blog for over a week. Ask me where this entire last week went and I really couldn't tell you... Time flies by when we are so very busy. Thank goodness, I remembered to pull out my camera to remind myself of some very good things we have been up to.

So where have we been?

We've been enjoying the last few days of Justin's visit from San Diego...and while his visits are way too short, we know he will return to his Midwestern, St. Louis roots soon.

We've been awaiting my dad's trip to Haiti where he will be volunteering at the hospital. And Jacob has officially mastered saying Pops and runs around the house saying Yaya, Yaya, Yaya, waiting for me to say and and then Jacob yelling Pops!

We've been feeding the fish at Yaya and Pops' house. And my mom has trained my dad well as noted from the exhibit below. Yaya doesn't let Jacob run around outside on the rocks without holding his shirt so that she can catch him if he trips. Never mind the fact that the child has been walking since he was ten months... Oh, Mom.

We've been getting ready for a very special wedding of these two lovebirds. Invites are out and my dad is already tearing up in anticipation of walking his second and last daughter down the aisle.

We've been celebrating the New Year with children's services and watching the little ones be daring enough to head to the front to sing songs with the rest of the congregation, equipped with their own little shofars that my mom gave them all.

We've been enjoying our little men who look so grown up in their little ties and button downs.

We've been pointing to everything and anything... and learning many new words in the process.

We've been loving on our friends and not really loving the fevers, coughs, and colds having friends and play dates come with...

We've been quite busy, yes. Little Man is almost nineteen months old and while I think to myself, How can it ever get better than this, I know we've got even sweeter things to come.

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