Saturday, May 21, 2011


It's been a busy few weeks... with twenty-nine sessions in April and in the midst of thirty sessions in May, we've been on the move. But I'd be lying if I said if I wasn't finding time to enjoy the very best moments of every day. Am I proud of the fact that I've had to hire cleaners because it just didn't fit our (my) schedule to get down and dirty in the house when we could be out enjoying the day? Well, my husband certainly isn't (although the first day he came home and thought I cleaned that well, he was so very impressed with what he thought was my cleaning skills - even saying "I can't believe you aren't more tired after all of this cleaning" - and it was so very funny). But if you ask me, I'd tell you there a million and one better things I'd rather be doing.

Happiness comes in so many forms...

The delivery of the news that it was indeed time to think pink.

A baby girl.

There are many things I have wanted in my life but for my family, I always dreamed about having a boy and a girl. And on this day, we learned that our new addition this fall would complete that picture.

Happiness comes in shopping with my own momma for all things pink, for Phil laughing at the growing pile and shrugging his head, but secretly loving the thought of having a daughter that already has him wrapped on her finger.

It comes from my little one telling us he wants to name his baby sister "hot dog."

And for Cinco De Mayo celebrations with friends.

Perhaps we underestimated the strength needed to actually break a pinata. But they did indeed give it their best effort.

Now seriously dude, you have to get it this time
. Love them.

And when the hitting wasn't successful, we just let them start tearing it right apart.

Unfortunately, this resulted in just a few of the treats trickling out, rather than the big expected boom of candy we were hoping.

Not that they minded.

Happiness comes from sugary treats.

And from allowing the double lollipops.

Happiness comes from family, of course. For picturing the sight of these two cuddling another cousin come fall.

And from another successful Kick for Cancer Night at the soccer field.

Check out that determination.

Happiness comes from hearing my husband ask Jacob what his favorite sport is and hearing Jacob say "hoops," and watching my Philip take it in, confident that this answer will change over time.

The sun is out and we have many things on our to-do list today.

Happiness. It's impossible to not feel it around here these days.

Happy Sunday to you!

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Lauris Place said...

What a great blessing!
I know what it's like to have a boy as my first born and then expecting our second and finding out it was a girl, it also fit perfectly with my dreams. My husband adores our little girl!

Many blessing to you Stephanie during your pregnancy and to your wonderful family!

I am really happy I am able to put a face to the wonderful photographer who will be using my cheesecloths!

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