Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our first party!

Last night we hosted our first party at our new house! We had about 30 people from my family come enjoy a post-Hanukah/Housewarming Party! We had tons of food, a good poker game, and the babies had lots of fun with all of their new presents.... Jacob received his very first chair from Pottery Barn Kids from Yaya and Pops as well as some new puzzles, an activity tent, and sports toys. Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Jonny gave Jacob many, many books (including some Dr. Suess flashcards and The Very Hungry Caterpillar book!), and Uncle Jason and Aunt Becky gave him his first mezuzah. While we didn't take any video from the night, my comments before we ate went something like this:

"As we grow up, you think more and more about what you want in life. I have an amazing husband, the most precious, beautiful child in the world, and we now have this wonderful home to be able to have everyone who is most important to me over... I have everything that I have ever wanted and I am so happy you are all here." [I think that is when Philip starting tearing up :) ]

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