Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hanukah Celebrations...

While I promise not to skip over the weeks that followed Halloween, let's fast forward to this last week of our holiday celebrations...

Plain and simple: Holidays are way more fun with an-almost-three-year-old that totally gets excited about the holidays. No more helping the little one tear the wrapping paper and watch as they become more excited with the wrapping paper or the box than the carefully picked out present in front of them. He gets it. And more importantly, he knows it's not only about the presents... hanukah means lighting candles, saying blessings, and spending even more time with all of your favorite cousins. And it's probably one of the cutest things watching your little ones get excited about these holidays.

So what is there to excited about right now?

Ms. Pouty Lip. I'm not quite sure which I love more.. the pouty lip at momma or the sweater tights. Because sweater tights on a three month old is really stinking cute.

Great-Grandma Mama. I'm so in love with watching my grandma and my daughter together... perhaps its because I loved my great-grandma Rose that much... and I love my Mama all the same. And I just know that Mama will have the same relationship with Audrey Rose.

Hanukah 1987. Mama and Papa's house. Mama and Papa surrounded by their then eight grandchildren. (I'm in the top right corner wearing the awesome Mickey and Minnie Mouse gear).

Hanukah 2011. Mama and Papa surrounded by their eight great-grandchildren. Two more little boys are due in early 2012... and yes, sweet Audrey Rose is their first and only great-granddaughter... but I'm confidant she'll be able to hold her own with these boys.

Family Pictures. Not quite sure what it is, but something about two kids makes you feel like you really are a family.

Traditions. They learn young and they can't get enough of it. Jacob would light the candles and sing the blessings all day long if we let him.

Jackson. If you ask him who is his favorite, he'll tell you Stephanie every single time. (that one is for you, Linzaloo)

Letting Our Two-Year-Old light the candles All-By-Myself. It's still a constant theme in our household and yes, we attempt to let him do things all by himself (except wipe himself after going number two in the potty because, let me tell you, that can just get messy... and no, I promise not to share any pictures of that).

Yaya love. The smile says it all. It's his Yaya and, if he could, he would be by her side twenty-four hours a day.

Pops. Embarking in a new part of their lives (see here), I could not be happier for my parents... and while he jokes about going from president to nanny, I know he absolutely loves his time.

Kisses. I remember my dad grabbing my mom and planting tons of kisses on her when we were younger and the four of us all screaming "eewww yuck!". Now, I love it.

Superboys. They run all throughout the house with them, jump from beds, and scream with excitement, "I'm Supermannnnnn!" And if you ask him who his best friend is he will tell you, my cousin, Jackson.

Jumping Pictures. We've always loved these. And they never fail to make us laugh hysterically over and over.

Ok, Ellie isn't really jumping, but she's strutting her stuff.

Pink sparkle boots for Audrey. Enough said. Thank you, Aunt Lindsay.

The firsts. We'll capture them all year long but there's something special about all those firsts. Baby's First Hanukah.

It's been an amazing few nights of Hanukah and how special we feel that this year, our holidays overlap. Tomorrow is sure to be another amazing day of fun. The littles are fast asleep and my Philip is patiently awaiting some time together....

May you have the most special holiday celebrations with your family and your little ones...

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