Friday, September 18, 2009

Congrats Linzaloo!

Big news on this very happy Rosh Hashanah! Lindsay and Jonny are engaged!! We hosted dinner at our house for the first time and the little love birds could not make it because they had already committed to going to Jonny's parents house. After dinner, Lindsay called and said they were coming over to see everyone still at our house.... she walked in and screamed "I'm engaged!!!" It was done in true Jonny style and he even practiced getting on one knee! The ring is GORGEOUS! We are so happy for them and can not wait for the wedding. Dinner here turned our great - The little ones played together and we got some cute pictures with Mama and Papa (pictures to follow). Children services will be fun to go to tomorrow as we also celebrate Jacob turning seven months! What a gerat start to the new year!

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Linz said...

hehe i like i like :)

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